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iMedia World (Inspiration Media World) was founded in 2016 to bring positive change to social media and advertising. One of our current projects, QuoteNotes, is a unique social media network that will be launching its first beta site and mobile app in 2019. The project and concept was originally founded in November 2006 and began slow development in 2010 to 2015. Now the project is finally taking form with the upcoming beta site and mobile app. It is a very exciting social media project and we are very proud to be a part of it!

We are An Inspiration Media Company, which is what our main project represents. Our media business model consist of creating a positive media environment ranging from social media, news, and advertising. We are also creating a unique social media advertising feature for users to select advertising categories and preferences that users can customize to their liking without giving away a their private data. This protects the privacy and security of all users. In addition, it is a win win for advertisers and users alike. This advertising feature is currently under development and will be available soon..

Our unique media company and ad based platform is currently working with QuoteNotes along with other media projects. We are very excited about bringing an advertising platform with privacy and security in mind to our social media project. It will inspire and connect people from all over the world.

The member based social media site, QuoteNotes, will allow users to integrate their Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts. More social media sites will be added gradually over time.

Also, our social media network will allow all users to selectively, or simultaneously post their messages, images or video to their favorite social media accounts via QuoteNotes. This will make sharing and posting easier for all users without the need for any third party app.

Our Motto is to bring Inspiration and Positivity to People from all walks of life and cultures from around the world, in every way we can. Bringing this awareness to the world of media is very important to us, especially in today's society. The world needs more inspiration and positivity. We are dedicated to this work and project because we believe it will make a positive difference in the lives of many around the world.

The work and dedication to QuoteNotes and our mission is priceless. We cannot be happier working on this project. -Jeff Krauss, Co-Founder, President and CEO.

The Project

Social Media

Our current project, QuoteNotes, is a new kind of social media network currently in development. The first beta site and mobile app will be coming in 2019.

  • Coming Soon!

    The new Beta Website and Mobile App is being created with advanced features that will be user friendly and secure for all users.

  • Security

    Privacy and Security will be the forefront for our current project, QuoteNotes. We will apply the highest standards of security for all users who use the site and Mobile App. Creating a secure Website and Mobile App environment for all users is always top priority. We will be creating and incorporating unique algorithms that will benefit all users of the site and mobile App. QuoteNotes will be a new and refreshing social media network that is unlike any other. There is no other social media platform in the world like QuoteNotes, which puts our project in a class by itself.

  • Privacy

    We value the Privacy of all users that use our Website and Mobile App. All users will have the ability to customize their privacy and advertising settings in their account. iMedia World and QuoteNotes will never share, or sell any user data to any third party. However, if our company or QuoteNotes is ever sold, all users will be given proper advance notice to allow users to opt out, if they wish. We will do this as a general courtesy, as we respect the privacy and security of all users.

  • Terms of Use Policy

    iMedia World will not allow any form of negative posts that represent hate, insults, or threats - whether personal, political or religious in nature on the QuoteNotes site and Mobile App. The Website and Mobile App will not have or allow any negative news, speeches, pornography, or anything offensive, in any form. Our main goal is to maintain a positive social media network community for all users of the Website and Mobile App. Once the Beta site and Mobile App are live a more detailed description will be available in the Terms of Use Policy for all users of the Website and Mobile App.

General Media Overview

Inspiration Media

iMedia World will focus on raising the bar when it comes to inspiration media and sharing via its unique social media project QuoteNotes. Over 90 percent of the General Media features mostly negative news through images and videos worldwide. That is a huge amount of bad news the General Media puts out to the public vs any form of positive, inspiring or uplifting media in all categories. iMedia World is working to change that. We believe inspiring and uplifting media in any category can have a major positive impact in many different ways for many People around the world. The ones most vulnerable to all of this negativity on social media and the media, in general, are children. This negativity in the media and our society needs to change. The world can use more inspiration, motivation and positivity!

Although the general public likes to be informed of all news, bad or good, bad news gets most of the attention in today’s media. It is not surprising that the general public is drawn more towards negative media vs positive media in most categories. Yet, over 85% percent of the general public also prefers positive, inspiring and uplifting media in all categories. We are looking forward to giving the general Public and users of our project, a more positive and inspiring option through our unique social media project, QuoteNotes.

  • 90%
    Negative Media Worldwide
  • 85%
    Public In Favor of Positive Media

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